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About Luminate Media Group

Luminate Media Group exists to shine a light on the countless hours that our clients spend planning and preparing for their target audiences. Events take valuable resources (time, money, physical and mental energy) to provide incredible messages and content. We're here to lighten the load by providing any and all Audio/Video solutions needed to showcase the work of our clients.


Based in Central Arkansas and founded by Josh Freeman, Luminate Media Group consists of a team of individuals that strive to serve those around them. We want to provide the highest quality of service possible, regardless of budget and contracts. We hope to have opportunities to not only manage A/V equipment for events, but also to train volunteers and invest in the people and organizations we come across.

As one of our clients, you can rest easy knowing that your media needs will be met. Focus on your audience and the content you have prepared for them.  If you're bringing us in to help troubleshoot your existing equipment, know that we're here to serve you and your mission. We make it a point to fix problems at the source, not by buying the latest and greatest gear. With proper training and attention to detail, you will be surprised at how well your existing A/V system and team will perform!

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